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Ready to tackle the serious problems to move Washougal forward to a brighter future for everyone

Manage growth to preserve quality of life
Washougal is experiencing serious growing pains, causing a greater financial burden on residents. Our water and sewer rates are too high. Chris believes not enough thought went into properly structuring long-term infrastructure costs to protect citizens’ pocketbooks. People are hurting. This new, postpandemic economy is unpredictable and that makes it even more challenging for Washougal to attract new businesses.

Attract more living wage jobs to Washougal
Chris understands that attracting new business here should be our number one priority along with public safety. Bedroom communities are unsustainable over the long run. Without a mix of retail, manufacturing and industrial tax base, all of the property tax burden falls on our residents. Washougal has so much to offer to companies looking to expand or move. The way Portland is treating its businesses right now, Chris sees a golden opportunity for Washougal to convince those job creators to relocate here. Between SR-14 and the BNSF main line, Washougal offers ideal transportation corridors for businesses and manufacturing companies to get their goods to market. We can do better, and as a City Council Member, bringing new living wage jobs to Washougal will be Chris’s number one focus along with keeping our citizens safe.

Revitalize downtown Washougal
Even before the government mandated shut-downs, revitalization of downtown Washougal came to a stand still. Several businesses have closed permanently. As the gateway to the Columbia River Gorge, Washougal has untapped potential as a destination. Tourism should be a major component of our economic development plan. Chris will work collaboratively with other leaders in our community to help boost tourism and improve the business climate at City Hall. This will attract more shops and restaurants to locate in Washougal’s historic downtown area.

Preserve Washougal’s small-town character
Washougal is poised for new commercial development on the waterfront. Chris believes we must embrace this new addition to our community while working to preserve our historic downtown district and family owned businesses. Chris will provide strong leadership to invigorate our downtown core area so that Washougal becomes a gathering place for residents and visitors alike.

Provide vision for a brighter future
We need a proven leader like Chris to jump start a well-defined vision plan that aligns with our Washougal citizen stakeholders. Chris will join with community leaders to engage with the public and provide thoughtful planning for a brighter future; a future that positions Washougal for responsible growth, instead of being under-prepared for it. Chris supports more hiking trails and community parks so Washougal remains a welcoming City to families for generations to come.

Deliver accountability and common sense
Chris brings energy and enthusiasm to Washougal City Council. He’ll be the driver for positive change that we need in City government. As a husband, father and successful business owner, Chris will bring a new era of accountability that puts the citizens of Washougal first. As a successful Washougal business owner, he has proven leadership skills to get the job done for all of us

Careful budgeting; holding the line on taxes
We need elected leaders who’ve signed the front side of a paycheck. Chris will bring fiscal responsibility to Washougal’s budgeting process, prioritize spending to fully fund public safety, address our inter-local fire contract to protect citizens and deliver essential services without raising taxes.

Attract more living wage jobs to Washougal
As a successful business owner himself, Chris understands how important it is to attract the next generation of clean manufacturing to bring more living wage jobs to Washougal. Chris believes strongly that citizens deserve the opportunity to work where they live. An expanded tax base that includes high tech industries and state of the art manufacturing will help relieve the oppressive tax burden on our residents. When people get to work where they live, everybody wins!

Fund public safety to keep our community safe
As a former Corrections Officer with Washington State Department of Corrections, Chris will focus on implementing a fiscally responsible budget that protects the safety of our citizens by fully funding our public safety agencies. Chris will ensure the Washougal Police Department is fully funded and has the resources it needs to properly train staff. There are people living in their cars on Main Street in Washougal. Other candidates’ answer to the homeless crisis is to use your hard-earned tax dollars to build tiny houses. This will only attract more addicted homeless people to our community and further degrade the safety of our neighborhoods. Chris will provide strong leadership to get folks off the street permanently so that they will lead more productive lives.

It’s time for a better Washougal for everyone.
It’s time to elect Chris de la Rocha to our City Council!
Chris offers proven leadership and brings courage, honor and integrity to serve the citizens of Washougal.

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